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Tillsonburg Flying School

  • Learn to fly in a quiet country environment on one of the best aerodromes in Ontario.


  • Take a guided aerial tour of the Tillsonburg area including the Long Point conservation area.


  • Rent an aircraft to see the area on your own, previously attained pilot license required.


  • Expand your own abilities by adding ratings to your license like a night rating, over the top and many more.


  • Discover the freedom of flight with the Tillsonburg Flying School.


  • Ground school schedule for 2016- 2017

February 12 2017   Sun, one day a week, 9-12:00 pm 17 weeks

February 15 2017   Wed, one day a week, 7-10:00 pm 17 weeks

May 9th, 2017 Tue, one day a week, 7-10:00 pm 17 weeks.

  • Commercial ground School Starts November 8th 2016


  • Our fall ground school starts on September 7, 2016
  • We are holding a shift workers ground school starting Sunday February 12, 2017
  • It is very difficult for shift workers to take ground school on weekday evenings so starting on Sunday February 12th 2017 and running every Sunday Morning from 9:00 pm until Noon for 17 weeks we are holding a shift worker's ground school.
  • We are starting our summer ground school on May 9th 2017 if you would like to take the summer of 2017 learning to fly join us on may the 9th at 7pm


  • Our Instructors:

  • At the Tillsonburg Flying School our instructors are fully qualified commercial pilots that are certified flight instructors employed full time.


  • Our aircraft maintenance:

  • We fly only Transport Canada certified aircraft that must conform to a stringent maintenance schedule that is approved by Transport Canada.  All of our maintenance is done by a certified maintenance organization using licensed maintenance engineers.